Emòvere develops projects rooted in the territory and conceived in situ in order to support or help a specific audience or context, via body education (BMC®) and artistic media. These projects may take form in collaboration with specialized structures in the educational world, in the world of care and social support. They are not forcibly linked to the artistic creations in progress and need not have an obliged result:

Support and Guidance for parents during pregnancy and postpartum

Cycles of workshops with parents-babies and future parents, individual or group sessions of support to development thanks to movement and sense reawakening.

Family guidance and support

Workshops, residences, parents-children events

Education or re-education in movement for adults of all ages

Individual and/or group workshops – Intervention in specialised environment

Intergenerational projects

Workshops for mixed ages, interventions in rest-homes

Support for learning

Intervention in schools, inter-class meetings, inter-cultural meetings

Support and guidance for children with specific needs

Individual or group workshops, intervention in specialised schools

Each project has its own phases of development and its own principles, planned according to the places and people involved, to the given frame of reference. Despite this, they have common aims:

  • to stimulate communication and exchange among different sectors of the public (generations, cultures, genders, others…)
  • to further contacts between inside and outside
  • to allow an approach to poetic forms and artistic universes
  • to awaken people to artistic creation and to stimulate creativity
  • to support needs via artistic media and the somatic approach
  • to give room to body expression
  • to provide access to moments of pleasure and conviviality


  • Support of specific needs (always avaleble)

    Support to an “extra-ordinary” development or a specific stage of life by facilitating movement and sense awakening, rhythm and sound: at home, in schools, or in specialized structures.
    © A. Maffi

  • Support to the baby’s development (always avaleble)

    Cycles of “parent-baby” sessions to support and facilitate development through movement, play and sense awakening: at home or in collaboration with structures.
    © E. Gonano

  • “Ensemble par le corps et le son” 2017…

    Summer family course, in which we live together a few days of fun, thanks to body and creative games, including any specific condition for child or family.
    © A. Maffi

  • School art project on rhythm 2018

    For half a year, Federica and Emanuel Gonano accompanied the learning of a 1st year class at the Notre Dame primary school (1070 Brussels) working on rhythm, sound and movement.

  • Movement education or reeducation sessions (always avaleble)

    To support self-awareness, facilitate body expression, regain balance and ease after an accident/trauma, or support a life transition.
    ©Movimiento Atlas

  • Pregnant woman sessions (always avaleble)

    Through movement and/or touch-massage, as well as by exploring the process of pregnancy, we support body awareness of the pregnant mother and facilitate the harmonious development of the baby, as well as prepare them for the following period.

  • “Tu es une force de la Nature” 2019

    Intergenerational project on the theme of plants, their and our strengths and weaknesses. In collaboration with Home St Lambert and Crèche Crescendo (1200 Brussels). Project supported by CC Wolubilis and funded by COCOF.
    © E. Gonano

  • “Entre Deux Fils” 2018

    Intergenerational project on the themes dealt with in “Between”: time, waiting, in-between. In collaboration with Home St Lambert, Singelijn School and CC Wolubilis, funded by COCOF.