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Afterwards, she has broadened the chances to nourish and cultivate her interest for creative expression, transmission and accompaniment, thanks to Body Mind Centering® and somatic education (Federica teaches other postural and somatics approaches, such as Gyrokines/Gyrotonic…). Today, as a somatic educator, she offers workshops on dance, movement and functional anatomy, applied to movement, to a varied public in different contexts. As a BMC pratictioner, she offer individual sessions and energetic re-balancing in courses of accompaniment to body awareness and psycho-physical integration, through movement and touch.

As an educator in child motory development , following BMC, she accompanies the pre-and post-partum period and, for an even more global accompaniment, she is training as a breast-feeding peer counselor, and as a practitioner of Infant massage (I.A.I.M. international association infant massage). Since 2019, she also teaches in Body Mind Centering© certifying programs.

In order to go deeper into the reflection on education and social inter-generational accompaniment and her passion to work with children and old-ages in 2018-19 she has also been training on Alzheimer and dementogenic diseases. In Brussells, since 2010 she has been taking part in the project “Danse à l’école” of Pierre de Lune (Projet Art à l’école), she cooperates with schools (from kindergarten to secondary) and guides art and formative courses for the Haute Ecoles (future teachers) with workshops on functional anatomy and creative movement.

Always on the move, she travels between Italy and Spain and Argentine, to teach BMC©, to cooperate in projects of child accompaniment, of specials needs, and of other utilities. She also works in socio-cultural projects overseas in orphanages and other structures aimed at supporting children in difficulty.

The encounter and cooperation with Alice, as well as the creation of Emòvere asbl, are to Federica points of light and creativity for the development of new possibilities, in harmony, joy, and beauty.

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As a physical comedian and somatic educator, and as a theatre director with a special interest in spaces and materials, she likes to provoke dialogues between seemingly distant languages and persons.

Born in 1977 in Milan (Italy), she studied the performing arts (text theatre and gestural theatre) with such Italian groups as Quelli di Grock, Teatro Officina, Extramondo – diverse formations which follow the teachings of Eugenio Barba and Pontedera Teatro ; physical training and vocals with Gianna Valenti; plastic arts, pedagogy, and performance theory (at the University of Turin, Italy). She worked as a comedian with several groups in Milan, where she had her early experiences in trying to bring together artistic expression (theatre, movement, plastic arts) and the teaching of little children, after following a training course on « artistic interventions in schools ».

While preparing a dissertation on young Parisian theatre groups and their work on space, she moved to France, where she founded her own group (La Compagnie des Trois Points). With it, she started experimental work, little by little focusing on the relationship between art, education and social reality. Since then, her sensitivity to movement and body language has been tempered by dance, contact dance, massage, and her encounter with Body-Mind-Centering®. Eventually, this technique of somatic education permitted her to connect her great passions in a clearer way: body language, expression, childhood, and human development.

In Paris, parallel to her artistic creations, she was trained in the field of support for babies and new parents by working in a parental crèche and gaining a diploma as BMC® Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME). As such, in 2008, she started to develop projects for guidance and support postpartum, in childhood and for families, through somatic education and a creative approach. Ever responsive to the issue of transmitting a different body awareness in schools, she also took part in projects of “art in schools” (through Les Ateliers de Paris – Carolyn Carlson), whose substratum is somatic education and BMC®. In Paris, she also began her first training course for professionals and future professionals in the field of baby care, in collaboration with other somatic educators and Centres de Formations (ACEPPRIF).

In Brussels since 2015, she now works at Court’Echelle (a meeting place for parents, organized by the Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale, in Molenbeek), where she can invest her varied expertise in family accompaniment, support to childhood professionals and invention of creative team projects.

To Alice, Emòvere asbl is a little treasure-chest, born of the encounter with Federica and their common will to spread the somatic and creative approach in socio-educational support and guidance.